Photography stories

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Velero en Lago Cocibolca, Nicaragua

Embracing the Winds of Adventure: A Sailboat Journey on Lake Cocibolca

Tigre de Bengala

Majestic Roar: The Enigmatic Bengal Tigers of Zoo Miami and Their Role in Conservation

Rana amarilla

The Colorful World of Yellow Frogs: An Overview of their Biology, Ecology, and Reproduction

Pescadores en Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua

Fishing with the Locals: Discovering the Riches of Ometepe Island's Fishing Communities

Macro de Ojo de un gato

Lilly's Macro Eye: A Close-Up Look at the World of a Feline


The Significance of Monkeys in Zoo Miami: A Respectful Biologist's Perspective

Momotombo en erupción

Strombolian Eruption of Momotombo Volcano in 2015: Insights into Subduction-related Magmatic Processes in the Central American Volcanic Arc


Conservation and Behavioral Observations of Lemurs (Lemuridae) in Captivity: A Case Study of Zoo Miami's Lemur Exhibit


Assessing the Behavioral and Physiological Adaptations of Giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis) in Captive Settings: A Case Study of Miami Zoo


Ecology, Behavior, and Conservation Status of the Guardabarranco (Eumomota superciliosa): The National Bird of Nicaragua

Calle de Granada, Nicaragua

Tracing the Footsteps of History: Exploring the Streets of Granada, Nicaragua

Granada, Nicaragua

Granada, Nicaragua: A Jewel of Colonial Architecture, Culture, and Natural Beauty


The Gaviota of Miami Beach: Characteristics, Behavior, Habitat, and Conservation Efforts


Flamingos at Miami Zoo: An Iconic Attraction and Cornerstone of Conservation Efforts


Shaping Miami's Skyline: An Overview of the Construction Industry's Impact and Innovations in the City


Painted Skies: The Breathtaking Beauty of a Sunset Viewed from a Plane


Cementerio de Granada: A Beautiful and Historic Resting Place in Nicaragua

Catedral de Granada, Nicaragua

Catedral de Granada: A Resilient Icon of Nicaragua's Rich Colonial Heritage

Atardecer en Montelimar, Nicaragua

Atardecer en Montelimar: The Breathtaking Sunsets of Nicaragua

Asamblea de Nicaragua

Asamblea de Nicaragua


Discover the Graceful Antelopes of Miami Zoo: From Elands to Impalas and Sables